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Since 2018, Manora Bijoux has been working for sustainable jewelry. Our mission is to offer you ethical and modern jewelry for men and women. We are a jewelry brand committed to several aspects.

French and artisanal manufacturing


At Manora, the jewelry is handmade in Marseille by Manon, the designer. From prototype to production, we use traditional jewelry techniques. Lost wax casting, soldering, polishing... all these steps make our jewelry authentic pieces. This is how we offer you quality and original jewelry. We believe that the art of jewelry is achieved through know-how and craftsmanship, imbued with the hand of man.

Jewelry made in France

As a French jewelry brand, the designer manufactures the jewelry using French partners for gilding and casting in particular. We are proud to offer 100% made in France manufacturing. Between Ile-de-France, Ardèche and Côte d'Azur, we carry out the making of jewelry within France to be part of an eco-responsible approach.

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Recycled and labeled metals


Traditional gold mining leads to adverse environmental consequences, such as ecosystem degradation, water pollution and destruction of natural habitats. This is why gold plated is RJC ( Responsible Jewelery Council ) certified and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices. The latter respects standards in terms of human rights, business ethics and reduced environmental impact.


925 silver or sterling silver is recycled and mined from existing sources. This helps reduce the demand for new resources while maintaining the quality of silver.

Fine stones

Local supplier or gemologist, we source the gems with the help of experts in the field.

Sustainable development

Ecological packaging

To deliver your jewelry, we use mixed FSC certified ecological packaging. Pouches, tissue paper, packaging cardboard, everything is recycled and recyclable to generate the least impact and maintain an ideal purchasing experience. You can keep your box to store your jewelry after wearing it.

Against overproduction

We work with very little stock (no more than 10 pieces per product) and try to manufacture as close as possible to demand and the creations that have won you over. It happens that certain pieces are less successful. They will then be sold at the end of the season and not renewed to avoid losses. We recently launched our bespoke jewelry service to create your unique, personalized piece of jewelry. It adapts to each request and thus generates no loss or stock.

By choosing our jewelry, you support French craftsmanship and creation. We are doing everything we can to minimize our impact in the world of jewelry and create the more conscious jewelry of tomorrow.