Composition of our jewelry

Our jewelry is made of a base metal (brass or silver) and is covered with a layer of gold (18 or 24 carats) of varying thickness depending on the jewelry. We offer gold (1 micron), gold plated (3 microns) or Vermeil (5 microns) pieces. The composition is indicated on each product.

We also create your custom jewelry in 9, 14 and 18 carat gold.

Our maintenance advice

  • Remove your jewelry before showering or washing your hands. Wait until your skin is dry to put them back on.
  • Remove them before bed and store them in their box. Choose their case over jewelry boxes where they will tend to scratch more easily.
  • Wear perfume and makeup before wearing your jewelry, the alcohol present in perfumes can oxidize the pieces.
  • The acidity of perspiration can also alter your creations, don't forget to remove them before an activity: sport, gardening...etc.
  • In summer, remember to remove your jewelry before going to the beach or swimming pool and hiking.

Clean your jewelry

Your jewelry may develop a patina over time, especially for silver-based jewelry, this is completely normal. We recommend cleaning your jewelry when using toothpaste. Use a soft brush and warm soapy water to remove deposits (salt water, chlorine, sunscreen oils). Then rinse them with fresh water and dry them with a soft, dry cloth.


Your jewelry is guaranteed for one year against breakage due to an initial manufacturing defect and repair is free. The warranty excludes damage caused by wear of the jewelry, loss, accidental breakage or improper use.

Concerning the gilding of jewelry, a jewelry polishing and re-gilding service is offered with a flat-rate contribution on estimate. Only Manora Bijoux creations are eligible for this service. You can make your request by email via the contact form .

The postage fees are paid by the client.