Manora Bijoux is a brand artisanal , reasoned and conscientious. Our original creations are entirely hand-made in France .

Silver, gold plated and Vermeil, our pieces are produced in small quantities or to order. Our mission is to mix expertise traditional, modernity of style and manufacturing ethics .

our history

Manora is the portmanteau of the designer's first names, Manon and Pandora. Self-taught, the desire to create and his passion for jewelry only continues to grow. She shapes wax and metal to give birth to her authentic and raw style, imbued with light. Manon transmits her artistic sensitivity in each piece.

Who is Manora?

our expertise

The jewelry comes to life in the designer's workshop under the golden sun of Marseille. Each piece comes from Manon's inspiration which she brings to life on her workbench. Manon then takes care of sawing, filing, welding and polishing the parts, always by hand. The magic happens when the gilder adds the layer of gold covering the metal. The jewel is ready to join you and be worn. These numerous design-manufacturing stages all take place in France.

I discover behind the scenes of manufacturing