who is manora?

Manora is the portmanteau of the designer's first names, Manon and Pandora. Self-taught, Manon trained over the years in different traditional jewelry techniques, driven by her curiosity and passion for jewelry.

Manon grew up in Marseille, where, bathed in sunlight, she imagined her luminous collections. She transmits her inspirations and artistic sensitivity in each piece and creates an authentic universe.

I am convinced that craftsmanship is the pillar of an ethical and responsible approach. The time spent making a piece of jewelry gives it all its value .”

behind the scenes of the workshop


Manon imagined her first collection following a long stay in Mexico. Antique and ethnic motifs stir his inspiration. She develops an authentic, raw style, sometimes graphic, sometimes minimalist but always with finesse.

Each piece is imagined and designed with the aim of creating an original piece of jewelry faithful to the world of Manora Bijoux. A gem that you won't see anywhere else.

The artistic and creative approach of the founder reveals an identity specific to the brand.