Our handy guide will help you find your perfect ring, necklace and bracelet size.


To find out your ring size

Each finger has a different size. So take the ring you need to find the size for. Check before the ring is not deformed over time. Print this ring sizer and plot your ring to determine the corresponding size. The black line of the circle should appear and fit the inside of the ring. If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the larger size.

You can also ask us for a plastic ring sizer which we will send to you or come to the workshop to confirm your size (or other jewelry).


Necklace lengths and their correspondences.
40 cm - crew neck
45 cm - the necklace stops at the collarbone level
50 cm - the chain will be below the collarbones


    Take your wrist measurements with a tape measure. With a strip of paper, make a mark and then measure with a ruler to determine the length of your wrist. Add 1cm to the size obtained to be comfortable.