handmade jewelry

The jewelry comes to life in Manon's workshop under the golden sun of Marseille . Each piece of jewelry comes from an inspiration that she brings to life on her workbench. The designer will saw, file, weld and polish the pieces, always by hand. We are committed to preserving this traditional jewelry know-how.

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made in France

These manufacturing stages all take place in France . Design, prototyping and production take place in Marseille, the birthplace of the brand. Once the wax is sculpted by the designer, a founder from Ardèche melts the wax into metal. He will then be dressed in his layer of gold in a Parisian workshop. Localizing production is essential to maintain jobs and promote French know-how.

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Silver and brass are our working bases. They are Reach certified. These regulations strictly respect the levels of lead, nickel and cadnium. The wires, plates, findings and chains come from European suppliers. Scraps are kept to reuse them as much as possible.

The gold used for gilding is recycled and labeled RJC ( Responsible Jewelery Council ) whose mission is to certify the good practices of companies contributing to the gold supply chain from mining to distribution.


The designer draws inspiration from her travels and what surrounds her. The search for balance in jewelry, in its shape, its texture, its volume. Manon puts her ideas on paper and then brings them to life.


Manon makes the models in wax or metal. It is a long-term job to obtain the desired result: the perfect piece of jewelry!


When the prototype is validated, several models are manufactured in the Marseille workshop. Cutting, welding, polishing: the production stages are traditional and artisanal.


Last step and not least, gilding. Carried out by a production partner, this step gives a golden shine and longevity to the jewel to accompany you for several years.


The pieces worked by Manon are assembled with findings to design the final piece of jewelry, ready to reach you.