Offer the ideal piece of jewelry

How to find the ideal piece of jewelry? For your mom, your sister, your daughter or your wife! On what criteria should you choose the jewelry you want to offer? First of all, pay attention to his habits.

The type of jewelry

Determine whether the person wears necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings instead. It is easier to offer a bracelet or necklace that does not require special sizes like some rings, or if the person does not have the lobes pierced for earrings.

The style of jewelry

To determine the size and style of the jewelry. Does she wear jewelry instead:

  • discreet or eccentric?
  • metal or colored beads?
  • fancy or elegant?
  • gold or silver?

If you don't know the person, it's better to opt for a simple, all-purpose piece of jewelry.

The symbolism

Symbolic shapes and patterns, semi-precious stones...etc: you want to convey attention and a message through jewelry. Find out about the virtues and properties of stones if the person is interested in lithotherapy, for example.

Jewelry ideas to offer

To help you in your choices, here are some jewelry ideas that are sure to please:

The Ino earrings, available in gold and silver versions, are elegant and sober. They are unanimous for a gift. Light and compact, they are a pleasure to wear. They go well with the Ino necklace and its pearl. The circle has been entirely shaped, welded and polished by hand.

A little heart to wear near your neck for the person you care about. The Corazon necklace , also associated with the bracelet , is a beautiful mark of attention and tenderness. Create beautiful memories with this little heart filled with meaning. Carved in an artisanal way, the medallion was made with love.

A sophisticated golden touch on the wrist. The fine chain and its pearls will delight all hearts under the tree. Embellished with pearls or turquoise, the bracelet can be worn for any occasion. The Catalina bracelet is THE unmissable gift.

Small square chips, Nazca earrings appeal to all ages with their minimalist character. Worn simply or stacked with other loops or earcuffs , they are versatile. Made one by one from the designer's workshop, each chip is unique.

Find here all the timeless jewelry to offer without hesitation or moderation.