Choose your jewelry size

Between the different sizes of rings and the lengths of bracelets and necklaces: how to find your way? Here is a practical guide to finding your ring, necklace and bracelet size.

Based on the measurements of a necklace, how do you know what size it corresponds to?

  • 40 cm: crew neck
  • 45 cm: the necklace stops at the level of the collarbones
  • 50 cm: the chain will be below the collarbones

How to measure your wrist size?

  • Take your wrist measurements with a tape measure or strip of paper.
  • If you are using a strip of paper, make a mark and then measure with a ruler to determine your wrist size.
  • Add 1cm to the size obtained to be comfortable.
Each finger has a different size, so carefully measure the finger where you want to wear your jewelry.
  • You already have a ring:
Print this ring sizer and place the ring directly on it to determine the corresponding size. Check before the ring is not deformed over time. Your finger size corresponds to the circle whose black line appears entirely inside the ring.
Without a ring sizer, measure the inside diameter of the ring and refer to the measurement table at the bottom of the page.
  • You don't have a ring:

Using a tape measure or strip of paper, circle the widest knuckle of your finger. Mark the strip of paper to obtain the circumference, measure the resulting size using a ruler. Then refer to the table below to find the (European) ring size you need!