Collier Luna


Le collier Luna et son médaillon inspiré de cratères se distingue par sa texture unique. Orné de perles de rubis zoïsite qui ajoutent une touche de couleur vibrante et naturelle. Cette pièce élégante allie l'aspect brut du médaillon et l'éclat des pierres, offrant un bijou riche en caractère et en beauté.

Longueur 40 à 42cm. 


Charlotte K.
I received my ring yesterday and above all I can confirm that it is MAGNIFICENT! I find it superb and it's a joy to wear it. The size is perfect. A huge thank you!
Heloise S.
Delighted with my jewelry! It is very elegant and Manon was able to respond to my request to personalize the pendant.
Antoine G.
Great service, quality of jewelry corresponding to my expectations and fast delivery. Personal touch and care given to the order are a plus.

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The jewelry is designed and made in the South of France, in Marseille. Each piece, made one by one, is the result of creative and artistic reflection, making each piece of jewelry unique.

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Your order is sent in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, from the shipping box, tissue paper, to the fully FSC Mix certified jewelry box.

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