Brass is the metal used as a working base. It is an alloy of copper and zinc. The wires, plates, finishes and chains come from French and European suppliers. Metal scraps are kept to reuse them as much as possible. Once the metal has been worked - shaped, welded, filed, polished - it is then covered with a layer of gold to ensure its longevity.


Manora Bijoux creations are covered with a layer of gold. The earrings and necklaces are gilded with 1 micron 24 carat fine gold and the rings are plated with 3 microns 18 carat gold to increase resistance. The gold used is recycled as much as possible and RJC certified.

The RJC ( Responsible Jewelery Council ) label's mission is to certify the good practices of companies contributing to the gold supply chain from mining to distribution. Manora Bijoux is therefore committed to implementing and promoting responsible practices by using RJC certified and recycled gold in its gilding and plating.


Our pearls and stones come from our French supplier specializing in semi-precious stones for over 40 years. The brand works with freshwater pearls. These natural cultured pearls come from Asia, where they are grown. Turquoises come from Nevada, United States. The traceability of many stones is made difficult.


The shipping box, the Manora Bijoux boxes, the tissue paper and the thank you cards are FSC Mix certified. The fibers are either recycled and/or come from sustainably managed FSC certified forests. The boxes and cases are reusable (storage) and recyclable.