What to do with your old costume jewelry?

The pearl necklace that you wore so much a few years ago is sinking to the bottom of your jewelry box?

Here are 4 ways to give a second life to your old costume jewelry without throwing it away.


Are you attached to this piece of jewelry but it no longer suits your taste? Transform it! Using pliers and some findings, disassemble and make a new piece of jewelry from the existing elements to keep its soul. You can also contact the designer for a transformation project , like the ring below.

The initial jewel has various uses. Disassemble the beads to make or decorate household objects: key rings, decorative elements , candles, gifts or activities with children.


You still like your jewelry just as much but it is broken or its shine has faded over time. Take it to a jeweler to polish it and possibly re-gild it if it was initially gilded. You can clean your silver jewelry easily from home with household products.


Collection associations (Emmaüs, Oxfam, etc.), recycling centers or even consignment stores will be able to take back your jewelry in good condition to resell it to individuals or brands practicing upcycling.

You can also find people around you (friends, family) interested in wearing them.


Are your jewelry in very good condition, never worn? Leave an ad on a resale site (Vinted, Leboncoin) so that someone can benefit from it.
If your jewelry is precious (gold, silver), contact a specialized buyback company in your city.

Before throwing away jewelry that you no longer wear, think about possible alternatives to give it a second use and extend its lifespan.