Birthstone Guide

Long used as good luck charms or magical remedies, precious stones are still the subject of fascination. Cultural and historical beliefs and traditions have been forged around these thousand-year-old stones. In 1912, the first “Stone Calendar” was created in the United States, listing 12 gems for 12 months. Each one having its symbolism, its virtues and properties.

Find below the calendar of Stones by month . He will guide you to offer or treat yourself to a tailor-made piece of jewelry for a birth or birthday .

Stone of the month of January - Garnet

Its red, brown or pink hues, garnet takes on an intense color . Its name comes from the Latin gratum, meaning the pomegranate fruit, which is very similar in color. The color of Garnet, the stone of the month of January, goes perfectly with yellow gold.

Virtues of Garnet : courage, vitality, confidence

Stone of the month of February - Amethyst

The Greek origins of Amethyst ( a-methystos ) refer to sobriety and balance , unlike drunkenness and anger. In Roman times, wine cups were inlaid with Amethyst to protect them from drunkenness. Its intense purple, grape color, makes it a unique and soothing birthstone.

Virtues of Amethyst : creativity, serenity, wisdom

Stone of the month of March - Aquamarine

Birthstone of Mars, Aquamarine means “ water of the sea ” from the Latin “ Aqua marina ”. Its very soft blue tone represents aquatic environments. In ancient times, it was used by sailors to ensure good sea voyages and protect them from the wrath of Poseidon. Aquamarine is also a symbol of fidelity among newlyweds.

Virtues of Aquamarine : fidelity, clairvoyance, protection

Stone of the month of April - the Diamond

Symbol of eternity, the diamond is the stone of the month of April. It is the purest and perfect of precious stones and for this reason adorns jewelry for the most beautiful moments . This gem forms in volcanic magma. Very often colorless, diamonds also come in several shades (gray, black, yellow, etc.).

Virtues of the Diamond : eternity, purity, commitment

Stone of the month of May - Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. Its captivating green escapes no one. It goes perfectly with yellow gold , bringing out its intensity. Associated with the heart chakra, it brings balance and soothes internal troubles by promoting friendly or romantic union.

Virtues of Emerald : harmony, peace, protection

Stone of the month of June - the Pearl

For June births, the Pearl is your stone. Coming from the seas, we admire its reflections, its roughness, its various shapes. The whole world has worshiped the beauty of pearls since Antiquity. The pearl is timeless and timeless.

Virtues of the Pearl : purity, appeasement, wisdom

Stone of the month of July - Ruby

Birthstone of the month of July, Ruby is one of the most coveted stones. Its intense red evoked, in the Middle Ages, blood and fire. She wore royal crowns and regalia. Today, it is ideal for a wedding or a birth .

Virtues of Ruby : passion, love, joy


Stone of the month of August - Peridot

The Egyptians called Peridot “stone of the Sun”. This is a good fit for the August birthstone. Very associated with light, it protected against bad energies. Its color varies between yellow and green. It is ideal on a pendant.

Virtues of Peridot : luck, happiness, health

Stone of the month of September - Sapphire

The stone of the month of September is Sapphire. Its intense blue is hypnotizing. Sacred stone in ancient Egypt, it symbolizes truth, honor and fidelity. Beautiful values ​​to wear on yourself, as a ring or pendant.

Virtues of Sapphire : justice, stability, loyalty

Stone of the month of October - Tourmaline

Tourmaline means “stone of many colors”. Its shades vary from orange to light pink or magenta to green, which creates a very colorful palette . Stone of the month of October, tourmaline stimulates creativity, especially that of jewelers!

Virtues of Tourmaline : protection, anchoring, peace

Stone of the month of November - Citrine

Stone of the birth month of November, Citrine is luminous thanks to its yellow-orange hue. Its name comes from the Latin “citrus” meaning lemon. In the past, it was considered a good luck charm and evokes joy.

Virtues of Citrine : energy, optimism, abundance

Stone of the month of December - Topaz

Its light blue color harmonizes perfectly with the month of December of which it represents. We imagine the clarity of snow and winter. Topaz goes with all types of jewelry and for all occasions .

Virtues of Topaz : harmony, sincerity, joy

The choice of a stone is of course not exhaustive and feel free to opt for a stone that you like even if it does not correspond to the calendar or the assigned symbolism. The most important thing is the pleasure of wearing your jewelry!