What wedding curls?

Are you looking for earrings for a wedding or ceremony? Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or guest , these earrings go perfectly with your outfit. Pearl jewelry or minimalist jewelry, they adapt to your desires for the big day.

How to choose your wedding curls ? Here are some tips for wearing the perfect jewelry for this special occasion.

The shape of your face

Like clothes, jewelry adapts to your body shape.

  • For a round face : choose fine, hanging curls.
  • For a heart-shaped face : favor large, voluminous curls.
  • For a square face : favor round, hanging curls.
  • For an oval face : all types of curls are suitable.

Your hairstyle

You plan to tie or raise your hair like a bun for example. Long, dangling curls, like our Adella curls and our Isla curls , will highlight your neck and nape.

You keep your hair down and long, short curls or earrings will help not overload your face.

Your dress

Find a balance between your jewelry and your dress. If it is very simple, you can break it up with big, showy curls. Classic jewelry, rather bohemian, minimalist jewelry or very modern jewelry: it's up to you to choose depending on your dress. We will make you shine with golden jewelry.

It is also important to take into account the jewelry you already wear like the necklace. If you already wear a flashy or imposing necklace, it is better to wear discreet buckles to avoid an over-the-top effect.


A wedding is a festive occasion where you don't have to think about your outfit. You will wear the earrings all day as well as the evening and dance with them. This is why comfortable and lightweight earrings will be your allies for this event. At Manora, all our earrings are pleasant to wear and are not heavy to improve your comfort.

In your image

Your earrings will be the star accessory of your outfit. Discreet or showy, it's up to you! Like any piece of jewelry, your earrings are an expression of your personality. Dare to be original or go classic depending on your style. We offer both very refined and minimalist bridal jewelry based on natural pearls and more contemporary jewelry.

our selection

Complete your wedding ensemble with our earrings.

Discreet curls. Classic, comfortable and pretty, the Bianca mini hoop earrings are a winning combo for any outfit.

Ear fleas. Not a fan of dangling curls? Positioned near the lobe, Ino curls are made for you!

Light hoop earrings. Curved like feathers, Macdesa hoop earrings are just as light to wear so you don't have to worry about them.

Buckles, bracelets and necklaces: find the wedding selection here.