4 Christmas gifts to make yourself

Take out the garlands and the tree, November or rather Christmas has come! To please your loved ones, why not make your own gifts? At Manora Bijoux, we opt for craftsmanship and home-made!

Homemade zero waste beauty box

Solid shampoo, conditioner, soap, body balm...etc. Make a homemade beauty box for your loved ones. Here are some universal recipes, easy to make, zero waste and suitable for all skin/hair types. The necessary equipment is available to everyone.

In a beautiful box or box, arrange the natural cosmetics and label them so as not to confuse them.


An original alternative to plants is the terrarium. It adapts to any interior and takes up space easily. You will find the necessary elements in the garden center. In glass vases, arrange the following items in order like layers:

  • Clay balls
  • Potting soil
  • Cacti and succulents out of their pots
  • Foam
  • Pebbles and decorations

You will find more details in this article.

Spice candles

What a delight in winter to diffuse a good smell of spices in the house. First of all, choose a pretty container, jar or tableware to hold the candle.
Get some beeswax and/or soy wax to melt in a bain-marie. Add coconut oil wax and a spice tea bag for flavor. Holding the candle wick with a clothespin, pour everything into your container.
That's it ! You will find the quantities on this explanatory video

Decorate your candle with dried flowers or cinnamon sticks for decoration.

Natural potpourri

Still in the scents category, potpourri! In a pretty container, place rose petals, lavender flowers, garden leaves, cinnamon sticks, citrus fruits...etc. Anything that smells good!
Cover the composition with a cloth and leave everything to dry for a week in a dry place, away from light.
Once dry, you can decorate it with flowers, bread apples, pebbles to create a real decoration to offer.

The complete tutorial can be followed here .

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